Thursday, March 5, 2015

White Ribbon Week

    This month the PTA is planning to hold a White Ribbon Week at school to promote making smart choices in media and online. Our theme is “I’ve Got the Power!” We want the students to learn that they have power over what they see, share, and do with media and technology.
 Each day we will have a “power boost” message given with the morning announcements. At lunchtime the PTA will have a table set up in the lunchroom where students can recite the message and participate in an activity, or receive a treat. Please encourage your child to come to the “power table” when they have finished lunch.
      These are the “power boost” messages that the students will be learning:
  1. I will not view, post, or pass along embarrassing or negative information anytime, anywhere.
  2. I will tell a trusted adult if anything makes me feel uncomfortable or confused.
  3. I will keep my personal information and passwords private, I will only share them with a parent.
  4. I will use technology to connect with my real life friends, not to meet strangers. People online are not always who they say they are.
  5. I will encourage those around me to make smart choices in media and online.
     Our hope is that every family will make it a priority to continue communicating about the best choices in using the Internet, cell phones, TV, and other media and technology.

Thank you PTA for all that you do!!!